The new and improved site is dedicated to all movie audiences. The old reviews can be seen on Instead of fusing everything together, I decided to build this site fresh, and keep the older reviews with a simple link.

   Audiences want something different. Say goodbye to the old review style. Nobody cares about the director or the actor behind the scenes.; Sometimes there is a need to explain director, actor, but do you really have to. When it comes to movie watching the only thing audiences care about is the movie. The Reeltime will give you a fresh look at B Movies, TV series, the News section is gone. Personally, I really don't care about the type of soap they use or the clothesline. Ultimately the review is only about the film and the characters in it. The soap box of the actor's Political pics I don't care about. After all, this is the Reeltime, and here it's all about the movie.   Stay tuned for the Reeltime Movie Review. Here, and now the time for boring reviews are gone. Nothing is really over until I decide it's over.