My Story

The Reeltime Movie Review is about the feeling you get when you're sitting in the theater watching your favorite movie. The feel, goosebumps, awe-inspiring moment leading to the laugh, cry, hate, whatever feeling comes to mind. That's what the Reeltime brings to the table. Forget the director, actor, writer. Just take the film for what it is. Either you like it or hate it. A simple feeling that most review sites forget. The Reeltime is here, and now. My story is simple. Come and bring it, make it real so that whatever you read here, and now is the Reeltime Movie Review. 

The Reeltime Movie Review was a concept which grew on me over time.  It began with two friends. Both had very different concepts for reviewing a film. The dynamic was set, and the Movie Bin was born. Both Tim and I had a wonderful skill set in reviewing a film. We both reviewed with a keen eye, always giving our audiences fresh new set of ideas that came out either funny or plain fun in our podcast. Over time our schedules didn't meet the demands.  So we slowly pulled away from our little podcast, and eventually had to end it. Granted Tim and Henry's Movie Bin will always be apart of whatever I get into, especially movie reviewing. It was a fun, learning curve that I will never forget. 

The Reeltime came into a reality a year later after the Movie Bin ended. I decided to look for other avenues to bring my own movie ideas into play.  The main problem, and will always be a roadblock is time. It always seems that there is absolutely no time to get things done.  After all, raising a family gives you a new perspective on life and whatever goals you have will always come to a test. The Reeltime Movie Review started on a very different platform. I wanted my site to draw in folks by not only giving them the same thing. It was different but yet the same. I explored new web hosts, sites, all that good stuff. I decided to change web hosts not because I hated the other, but because I wanted a change. Learning how to do this is difficult because of the demands of the web and among other things.