Pumpkinhead (1988)


The son of Ed Harley (Lance Henriksen) was killed by one of the bikers. An accident causing the owner of a local small town store to go crazy. Stories are told about the creature that comes out, a demon the kills targets for revenge. The soul of the person who conjured the demon is almost captured.

Haggis (Florence Schauffler) the witch who conjured the demon was saught out by Harley. His pain is deep, he only wants revenge. Destroy the ones who had killed his boy.

"God is the only thing that can stop what's out there, Kim." -Maggie-

(Walks over to the drawer and pulls out a kitchen knife) "Just in case God doesn't show." -Tracy-

The 80s has so many really good horror films. Not including this particular film would be a moral injustice. especially great actors like Lance Henriksen back in the day was a big deal. Today this man is even a bigger deal. He starred on Millennium (1996-1999), X-Files (1993), Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), Prince of the City (1981), Aliens (1986). His work is loved by millions of fans, and critics around the world. Needless to say, this film is a bit more than a B-Like.

The story is pretty straightforward for a film. It's a revenge flick. The man's son died because of stupid teenagers, bikers, whatever floats your boat. It could've been an angry rich guy. In the case of the story, it was a bunch of young adults. His kid died so the main character went to an old witch. The creature was created by the late Stan Winston. Another great man who has done so much for the film industry. I could write up a storm on the guy because he was truly an amazing creator of the arts. His vision was bigger than life itself. He made creatures that looked extremely ugly, disturbing, funny. All emotions crafted into what would become part of the story. A hero, creature, villain, in this case, it was Pumpkin Head.

The effects were pretty outstanding for a movie of this kind. It was a large creature which had killed 4 on film. Seven total had died, only four was taken by the creature.

Movies like this shouldn't be shelved. I mean the sheer viciousness of the creature made sure this film is more than just hack and slash. It was creepy, almost to the point of walking away from it. A cover your head with the blanket kinda film. I recommend this film to all horror fanatics like myself. Everyone in the film did a wonderful job, from the witch to the dude on the bike.