30 years later the villain Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) known for his defeat in the All Valley Karate Tournament. He challenges himself by trying to change his path. So far his life a big mess. Drinking, can't get over his defeat as a young man.

That was until his every turns the only thing in his path, the final turning point of change is his nemesis, Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio). The successful car dealership giant is known for his TV slogans only pushing Johnny back 30 years ago. His rivalry haunts his very existence. Divorce, drinking, and now the constant memory of his pain from the pasts continues to bite him at every turn.

The story of old flareups from the past is made to heal in which making these characters from the 1984 film a joy to watch 30 years later. Each character in their own way has problems, trials, tribulations much like real life. Johnny and Daniel's problems are very relatable, making this wonderful series a must watch.