John McClane (Bruce Willis) gets in a line of trouble when a group of terrorist takes over the Nakatomi building in Los Angeles.

Sounds about right. Doesn't it. The 1988 action film Die Hard takes over the silver screen with a huge bang. Willis plays McClane an NYPD cop trapped inside the skyrise. Nothing better plotted than to have a smart-ass cop with an extreme reputation by the side of the hostages.

Directed by John McTiernan an A-list action minded director smart enough to get the job done on screen. From the one-liners to action only McTiernan can craft. Die Hard deserves to be on the list of Nostalgic films made in 1988.

The film also stars great actors like the late Alan Rickman (Hans Gruber), Bonnie Bedelia (Holly Gennaro McClane), Reginald VelJohnson (Sgt. Al Powell). The connection these actors had during film making was on so many levels bigger than they were at the time. They had no idea this little film would become a giant in the box office worldwide.