Aquaman (2018)

Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) ever since he was a child he knew he was different. Maybe it was the aquarium. That day he had taken a trip with his fellow classmates and just when he thought he was normal. The fish within the water, beyond the glass, spoke to him.

Ever since he was a little boy he knew that he is not just human, but Atlantean. His father Tom Curry (Temuera Morrison) a Lighthouse Keeper found a woman in the water by the Lighthouse. She was unconscious, but later awoke and as she introduced herself as Atlanna (Nicole Kidman); His father the Lighthouse Keeper fell for her, and so their story became legend.

The film without going into spoilers, but I will warn you this review will have spoilers. It will happen unless you want a short and snappy review with absolutely zero spoilers.

Anyway, the story of Curry's parents is pretty good storytelling all around. It didn't drag some hero films do. It develops supporting characters nicely. Something that is missing in some not all Hollywood blockbusters. I say that lightly because I could make a comparison to the Marvel film Black Panther. Both had a beautiful new environment; One was called Wakanda while the other was Atlantis. Both are very good films, I'm clearly just making a slight comparison between the two iconic films.

Atlantis storyline went into different parameters. Their story was below the ocean. A place where nobody goes, except unnatural beings that are misunderstood by humans and many surfaces. The story has the brother of Arthur, Orm (Patrick Wilson)as a very bad antagonist. Yet one lives above the ocean with the humans, a distasteful lifestyle only depicted by a cruel brother and King, Orm.

The mysterious vanishing of the beautiful city of Atlantis became a myth because of power, plain and simple. The story went into the dynamics and structure of the people in power. Almost like rise and fall from grace.

The only complaint I really have is the effects in the film. They're good but some scenes were kinda odd looking. Not attacking James Wan but the film did have problems, very little but it did.

The story of the Aquaman is done to perfection. Don't forget that Justice League had gotten a pretty bad rap so all the fanboys will either love it or hate it. Fanboys are like your nosey neighbor; They always come back for more. And the case for Aquaman that was not the case. In fact, it separated itself from the Justice League film. It had a small scene where the news anchor mentioned a metahuman saving people, it continued about the lasting effects metahumans had on people, and cities.

Aquaman is just a fresh take on the DC comic hero. From the underwater beautiful city to the fantastic lore of the Atlantean people. This film has a motion like a train speeding to its destination. The force this film has with connections, places, is amazingly beautiful.

A word to the haters out there in the world of film. Don't hate the film that will become a valid powerful opponent. Remember some Marvel films weren't giants, they bombed at the box office. Don't make me remind you of the Fantastic Four Franchise or the bad Spider-Man films, and let's not forget the Hulk.

People, please make your own decisions on what's good and bad. Read reviews, but remember you're the deciding factor.


Bumblebee (2018)

The fugitive known as Bumblebee (Dylan O'Brien) has been on the run from the Decepticons. Last we saw our friendly Autobots, the giant transforming robots were on the planet Cybertron. Both fighting for their perspective causes. The war efforts were on the side of the Decepticons, so the commander of the Autobots sent Bumblebee to Earth to hide from the enemy.

Shatter (Angela Bassett) and Dropkick (Justin Theroux) are not far behind, and the battle continues on Earth.

The really great thing that I love about this film is the connection between Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld) and the Autobot Bumblebee. It surpassed the dynamic of the very first film. And that is saying a lot because the first film was pretty darn good.

I absolutely love the way they explained Bee getting his voice box pulled by one of the Decepticons. Even the way it showed emotion when they good guys and bad giant robots fought was amazing. Not like the previous film where it was something bigger, but in the end, it bombed because the film simplistic nature was lost in translation.

This time around the focus was around three giant robots. Two evil, while the other protects his human friend. The formula worked, it made the film entertaining. In the end, that's the key, my friends. The film had a simple plot and with that being said It was more than a Transformer film.

From the connection to the final Act, this film kept going, it Didn't stop, It managed to tell the story without interrupting the substance. I do know that this film is a reconstruction of what's to come. Love It or Leave It, this film is a Transformers film that is based on the Hasbro toy line. So if you're expecting a Gone With The Wind expectations you're in for a serious change of heart.

This film is pure, and that's what I love about it the most. The love interest thing was a small, I mean a very small part of the film. It didn't take away from the film. The interest was there, it was subtle and that's all I really needed. This is a kids film, not a complicated mushed up screenplay that has a fierce storyline that will bore you to death.

Go see this wonderful film, it really is a gem, and I hope the studio learns from its past mistakes. So far this film is a true gem, at least to me it is. Remember you're the first and the last in making a not so hard decision, It's not hard but folks get disappointed, and that's their right to.


Robin Hood (2018)

The beginning of the film Marian (Eve Hewson) and Robin of Loxley (Taron Egerton) have this relationship together which starts off in a strange way. The scene isn't real enough, the connection between these two very important characters are almost bland. The scene establishes nothing more than a waste of time.

Afterward, Robin is summoned to fight by the side of the Sheriff of Nottingham (Ben Mendelsohn). Four years later Robin is in this Crusade war. The scene is set against the Moorish soldiers; all the action is ridiculously crafted by the characters mounted on the high ground. That wasn't the problem, it's the aggressive M-60 like weapons they had in a medieval setting. I felt like the action was a huge slow-motion letdown. I understand the need for scenes of this nature, but the film did it so much it destroyed any emotion it was set to accomplish.

The Moorish character in the film played by Jamie Foxx (Yahya). In the movie Yahya his true name is mispronounced by Robin so John is what he calls him. In the credits, he goes by Little John. In fact, the Moorish character was his trusted, and second in command. He taught him how to perfect his archery, and fighting skills.

Sounds all good right? Nope because it was almost like the whole film was in the wrong realm. The whole 13-century medieval setting was not in the film. Don't understand why would a director go this route is beyond me. The purpose of making a Robin Hood film is the story, soldiers of the evil Sheriff and what was translated is a gothic, meets fantasy futuristic world. The army was all wrong, down to the weapons. The costumes were horrible, it made you feel like laughing at what was projected on film. I guess the director, filmmakers wanted a future Robin Hood story. I could understand that but why call it Robin Hood. Change the setting and now you have the characters but something very different.

The 1991 version of Robin Hood had problems, but audiences didn't care and still went to see the iconic film. This films opening day was about 9,000,000 in the US. The budget was 100,000,000 which still wasn't reached. The numbers pretty much tell me that this film was a huge bomb. Robin Hood is a story of a man who took from the rich and gave to the poor. The 13-century hero was hated by the Sheriff of Nottingham, not Neo from the Matrix or the Avengers. The soldiers had weapons that represented that timeline, not a representation of the Terminator. Skynet isn't the main big-bad, a human being with very bad tendencies was the antagonist.

Some folks might like the changes, to be honest, I really hate the changes because it reminded me of how bad Hollywood is getting. Instead of making a wonderful film they made this garbage of a movie which should've never been made. The actors lost the accents early on in the film, Taron Egerton being the exception. These characters should've had a connection, something. Instead, it was all action and no story. The scene where John (Foxx) was training Robin was a waste of time. Why not have the guy show him some things but not go through a Rocky sequence. I mean he was good enough to fight in the Crusades, but not good enough to help the poor, and fight the Sheriff.

The story plot holes were a joke. An example of this is John (Foxx). His son is killed but in order to connect both the main character, there must be this event that makes John find Robin. Robin steps in and tries to save the man, which is about to be put to death. He finds out that that man happens to be John's son. Understand that the Moors were the enemy right? Robin steps in, but his efforts were in vain and John's son dies. So all day these guys fought the enemy, which the opposing force died in battle because of the enemy. So Robin happens to have a heart because of a Moorish John had shouted about his son. So now the very people you happen to fight for are evil, so in turn, you try to save a man that remember all day was the enemy. They have tried to kill you in battle. But because of one Moor shouting about his adult son the main character has to turn on the very people he fought alongside with.

The main gist here is the film had absoulty no connection with the audience, and the story, everything altogether made no sense. The film was made for brainless people. The director changed even the look, which is so important to a film of this nature. Imagine a film about cars, but the cars weren't in it. The lack of substance killed this film. I would rather watch episodes of Fantasy Island (1977) than watch this garbage of a movie. Rent, watch something else and stay away from this film. The 1991 version of Robin Hood had emotion, characters that developed into heroes. The main hero himself had faults, it was a human thing. The Sheriff of Nottingham didn't dress like Neo. He was played by the late Alan Rickman, a bad guy which you loved to hate on film.

The actors weren't the problem, it was the setting down to the story. 100,000,00 dollars of garbage; Why pay the price if you can't even deliver a strong story of a man who took from the rich and gave to the poor. Not a difficult concept. Hollywood wants to convey their agenda even with something as simple as Robin Hood. The story isn't hard just the foolish direction it had taken. So I raise my glass to Hollywood, another flop in the books guys.

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Peppermint (2018)

A family enjoying the carnival festivities, Chris North has a secret. The financial situation of the North family is dire. His friend tells him about a gig that can produce a lot of money. North changed his mind later, only to find an explosive backlash.

Saying no to the gangster Diego Garcia (Juan Pablo Raba) has its downfall. Garcia goes after the family. Riley North (Jennifer Garner), Chris North (Jeff Hephner), and Carley North (Cailey Fleming). The festivities are put to rest with a car driving, the perks pull out the guns firing at them; Leaving only Riley North alive. The screams are heard when the bodies fall suddenly. The bullets are drawn to a nearby SUV, taking most of the damage. Unfortunately, the job has been done, and Riley's family is massacred.

The film has a really good roll. It doesn't stop. North doesn't stop for coffee or Garner's character doesn't mourn. The time jump is 5 years later. She already knows how to protect herself. Filming was done perfect, it moves fast enough to enjoy the action scenes. With a runtime of a 1hr and 41 mins, it manages to tell the story to the present day. It was quick, waste no time getting the ball rolling.

She reminds me of a female Punisher, and a perfect weapon. The death scenes were filmed to perfection. The story is told. she doesn't just kill, the gal had very good reason to kill those men. What would you do in a similar situation? The cops are corrupt, as well as the judge. No money but pure genius how she establishes her character in the film.

The characters are perfect, at least to me. No SJW in the film. The actors are part of the story, it fits, and the final product is a true action-packed film. Like I mentioned before in my earlier film reviews. The connection between characters is all there. No fake moments, all were real and convincing to me. The Act's flowed nicely, it even gave you goosebumps at times. Those moments that make you shiver.

Peppermint isn't for everyone. They establish the characters, down to to the lowest level bad guy. The action is pure, fun, to the point. This Christmas you want a cool action film. check out Peppermint.


Homecoming (2018)

Hedi Bergman (Julia Roberts) works at a place where soldiers get help transitioning from soldier life to civilian life. The food is good, the staff is wonderful. All you could ever want for a loved one after the extreme circumstances surrounding war. Those sleepless nights leading the soldier to a different place of origin.

Berman's role is simply listening to the stories of these men and woman from overseas. Or is it? The mystery manifests itself when the DOD ( Department of Defense) finds a hiccup in the Homecoming facility. Thomas Carrasco ( Shea Whigham ) finds that hiccup and shortly after investigates Hedi Bergman who now isn't employed with Homecoming.

The Amazon Original series is 30 minutes long, ten episodes total. Probably the best series on streaming tv to date. The acting is superb. From one scene to another. The story is written and directed by Sam Esmail. Remember him? Mr. Robot (2015) the series with the award-winning Rami Malek as Elliot Anderson.

Homecoming has supporting actors as well. Stephen James (Walter Cruz), Bobby Cannavale ( Colin Belfast), and Shea Whigham ( Thomas Carrasco). These characters have all something in common, they connect with the story and each other. Can't forget Sissy Spacek ( Ellen Bergman). Another incredible actress. She to me is the top five female actresses of all time. This lady can act her butt off. From Carrie to Bloodline, Castle Rock: A long list of really good filmmaking. Another actress who by far makes my day when I see her performances on film, tv, wherever. Marianne Jean Baptiste plays Gloria Morisseau the mother of Walter Cruz. Her performance is amazing here in this series. A must watch.

Julia Roberts we all know through the years, she has many roles which are wonderful, inciteful, everything else positive you could write about this actress. I remember her in Mystic Pizza (1988), Flatliners (1990), Hook (1991), and more.

Homecoming is a stellar series, I would say more but I probably had said too much already. The story to the characters is groundbreaking. I loved it. The series connects with the soldiers and their individual issues which lead to a mystery that you will uncover by the last episode. Take my word for it and check out Homecoming on Amazon Prime.


You Were Never Really Here (2018)

A Gulf War veteran tries to keep things into perspective. Joe (Joaquin Phoenix) takes care of his mother while balancing his life of pain. His hallucinations are getting worse by the day, the only thing he has is thoughts of suicide. The very thing he needs to stop his ongoing pain. But his next gig changes all that. A missing girl, a Senator that will pay large amounts of money to make sure those men are killed. The ones that took the daughter.

Joe is a hired gun recovering girls that are trafficked throughout many locations. The scene opens with Joe cleaning himself up right after a job. He then calls his handler confirming that the job was done.

The film is really good, and what I mean is simply that it takes you to one man's tortured soul. Joe was also former FBI giving him more pain, and anguish. The way he treated a situation is amazing. You're glued to the seat with every scene. But let me remind you that this film is low budget, and

It's not just your typical film because he makes everything personal. His tender care of fixing situations when a gig goes bad is impressive. Joaquin Phoenix is more than a simplistic artist. This man could act. Every role he has taken is different in so many ways it's mind-blowing.

Storywise it's definitely not for the squeamish. The film has some scenes that are very disturbing, but no worries it's all part of a well-written story. It takes you right into a man's life, hard life. From death and despair, and whatever comes next. he tackles every issue with the training he has within him. A deep psychological program that came undone throughout his natural life.

The low budget film is an Amazon Prime original film. It does have some issues, but not much. The pacing of the film is really bad. It's slow to the bone, but to give it credit the film is an absolute gem. From his PTSD to the suicidal thoughts. The misfortune of his dangerous life, leading up to the very well thought out story.

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Outlaw King (2018)

Scotland 1304 outside the famous Stirling Castle. Scottish nobility submitted to the King Edward I of England. After the battle of Falkirk (1298) William Wallace and his army were defeated. The English now has a stranglehold on what's left of the North.

Robert Bruce Earl of Carrick (Chris Pine) is refused by John Comyn (Callan Mulvey). The exchange between these men doesn't end well. Bruce kills Comyn inside a church. Comyn was displeased at Bruce wanted to tell the King that Bruce started an uprising. Wallace not only was defeated but killed in front of his countrymen.

Afterward, Bruce meets with Scottish Clergy. Confesses to the murder of Comyn. The clergy in exchange make him King of Scotland, but the stipulation is to bring down King Edward I. English law has infected surrounding areas. The commoners are being beaten, killed, for pleasure. Robert the Bruce becomes the Outlaw King. His uprising will bring thousands to the battlefield.

The film goes right alongside Braveheart, the William Wallace rebellion. If you had seen the film, you know what happens to him towards the end. This particular film hits on Robert Bruce and the other Scotish nobles from that period. With that being said, only understand that this type of filmmaking is extremely difficult to review. Action, fantasy, made up stuff is a whole lot better because it's not real. Those people, nobles, commoners, the setting was real. People died on the battlefield; The raw fighting you see is what really happened.

Films like these are difficult because of the truth. No one really wants a hero to die, or his Queen, whatever the case. In Braveheart Mel Gibson plays Wallace who started an uprising. The main issue was freedom. No one had a say. It was English rule, period. The death and destruction both men endured gave them the determination they needed to fight against the English. The horror was the commoners who couldn't fight, they basically were killed. The homes were burned, if you were female then rape would be the only recourse.

Outlaw King isn't as brutal as Braveheart, it was a bit more historical which made it slower, but effective as a film. The acting was amazing. The whole setting of the period was done well. If you're a fan of Game of Thrones or even Braveheart, this film is for you. It has a balance to it that makes the first Act flow to the very end of Act 3. I highly recommend this film, it's right up my alley, hopefully, it's right for you.


Sinister (2012)

Ellison Oswalt (Ethan Hawke) is a true-crime writer that moved into a house with his family, not telling them that a horrible crime had been committed some time ago. Oswalt hasn't had a gig in a while, in fact, his life is going down the tubes.

Not telling anyone about this house is one thing, but finding the super 8 home movies that go back to the 60s is another different spectrum. Each short movie is about the death of the victims; More like a show and tell too what had occurred.

The film is one of the most disturbing films to date. It's a huge statement but that's the truth; Just look at the source material. It's amazing because of Ethan Hawke. The man who basically made the movie. The supporting actors were great, but Ethan Hawke really outdid himself in this film. No matter what happened this is the guy you want as a team leader. Anyway, the movie falls under horror, but it's very suspenseful.

Sinister highlights the vulnerability of people. Oswalt (Hawke) was curious which by then he succumbed by the power of the super 8 movies. Not the actual movies, but the pull it had. He watched them so much, it created an addiction. His finding of something evil in the videos, pictures created a sense of urgency.

All the writer wanted was a book, a desperate attempt to make something better. An adverse reasoning, but what he had established was dangerous. The curious Joe had gone too far deep, and now his family is nothing more than bait for the evil. Sinister has a different vibe, from opening the super 8s to realizing the entity in the film is out for blood.

Needless to say, this film is more than a horror movie. It can be real, although why would you want to even go near those movies unless something evil is behind it. The way it pulled you in. The horrible events leading to the final Act was terrifying. This film is low budget, a once in a lifetime thing. The events couldn't be defined as just a horror movie. This film feels all too real. Something to look at, just remember to watch it with the lights off, and complete silence. Some sequels don't do the film justice, and that was the case for Sinister. The second film fell completely off the grid. Not because of the characters, but the events which the story unfolded was really a one-shot deal. The originality of the film was lost in the second, and unfortunately, that's what happens, and is very common in the film industry.

Hope you enjoyed my picks this October. Like I mentioned early on I wanted something very different, a reach for the dark. Sometimes the same bores, and having the same movies each year as the top films is pretty lame. Unlike other sites, the Reeltime Movie Review keeps on moving with new and fresh ideas coming your way. Just stay with me as I continue to review movies to the core.