Stranger Things 3

1985 summer in Hawkins, Indiana. The new Mall opens up many opportunities. But as positive energy flows throughout the Mall, businesses surrounding the Starcourt Mall begin to hurt.

Relationships are put to a test. The Sheriff of Hawkins, Jim Hopper (David Harbour) isn't keen on Mike's (Finn Wolfhard), and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) relationship.

Something is coming to Hawkins. or never left. The doorway to the upside down world has been closed, but something is very different.

Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) is contemplating on moving away from Hawkins.

Meanwhile, Will (Noah Schnapp), Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink), and Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin) wait for the return of Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo).

The return of Stranger Things: Season 3 comes back with a solid one-two punch. The mysterious creatures are back, and this time around you get the Russian conspiracy. What's not to love about this fabulous series. The hidden base of operations below the Mall is priceless; It was the weird, creepy, sometimes altogether frightening. Creatures or the big fellow they call the Demogroddon. Mind Flare, a creature that takes over the human host. An attachment to a much larger creature, the Demogroddon. The host does the creatures bidding until a mental fight ensues and either the host dies or the mind flare. Unfortunately, there is a high chance that the host dies.

The special effects down to the actors delivering a mind blowing performance are to perfection. An example of this would be Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo) trying to convince his friends of a girl he had met during his time away at Camp. The interesting thing about this particular sequence is Dustin giving his best to try to convince the group that Suzie (Gabriella Pizzolo) actually exists.

As a whole, the series is nostalgia to the core. Radio walkies, haircuts, down to the pay-phone booth in the story. It brought you back to the 80s, it moved you emotionally, as no series has done before.

The music in the series it's one of a kind. Seriously the music is really good, it pulls you into the story. The Duffer Brothers and the whole team of folks that put 12 hours or more in this amazing concept. It's more than a series, it's a trip down memory lane. That shouldn't be the only reason for watching the show, because the actors are the ones that put the main effort into making the story flow from ACT 1 to 3.

5 out 5 Stars

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Child's Play (2019)

The Buddi doll from Kaslan Industries a doll that could tap in your system at home. An efficient way to establish a true connection with the consumer.

Vietnam where the manufacturing of these dolls is processed. A manager fires an employee for slacking on the job. The disgruntled employee out of spite programs the doll to disregard all safety parameters. Later he jumps out the window and lands on his bosses car.

Based on the 1988 horror flick Child's Play. Both movies are similar, the major difference is the voices of the lead. Brad Dourif plays the Serial Killer that possessed the doll in 1988. Mark Hamil does the voice for Chucky in the 2019 version. The actual possession was negative. The suicide, hence the doll getting an evil entity. The dolls eyes turned red, the meaning was there. Although different, it still held on its own. It got to the point without long scenes with a spirit drifting into a doll. Either way, the doll isn't very good. It calls itself Chucky, all you really need to know. It's a horror film based on a killing doll, common guys.

Afterward, Karen Barclay (Aubrey Plaza) gets the doll to her son, Andy (Gabriel Bateman). Then the playing begins, just like an old fashion horror film, everything goes haywire, but not at first, just a bit later.

I love the Chucky story, even the Bride of Chucky which is campy as hell, back in the day. Wow. Refreshing to see another take on the 1988 film with the same name. The acting was great, it wasn't high caliber but it sure hit the mark when it could. The scenes with Shane (David Lewis) was pretty epic. The boyfriend who really was married climbed the ladder to change Christmas lights; Falls from the very top, only to find a freaking doll was the one making all that happen. Don't want to tell everything about this bloody scene. It really is pretty good, making it a classic horror story in the telling.

Could you really imagine a doll going around killing everyone it meets, just because it can? The reaction to this isn't good, it's awful enough to make you vomit. The kills were really high for my taste. Chucky really made something out of himself.

As far as the quality of the film, it was done well for a horror flick. Chucky was by far the best part of the movie. I guess it happens to be that Luke Skywalker guy that did the voice for the killer doll that made overwhelmingly good. It is what it is. A film about a killer doll, no real blockbuster but a solid horror flick that does its job to creep the hell out of you.

3 out of 5


Annabelle Comes Home (2019)

he next chapter in the life of Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farminga). This time around they're picking a doll that was causing paranormal activity. The Warren's take the Annabelle doll into their care. The evil resides within the doll, but it's also a beacon for other supernatural entities. The only place the doll could be taken too is Warren's household. They have a locked room with all the artifacts, possessed charms, many objects that would be considered negative.

On the way to an investigation, the Warrens have a babysitter, Mary Ellen (Madison Iseman) to watch their daughter Judy (Mckenna Grace). The rules were simple, but simple to a teen is another story. Mary Ellen's friend Daniela Rios (Katie Sarife) curious about the house and the people who own it. She investigates on her own, only to find an evil lurking behind locked doors.

Annabelle Comes Home isn't the continued adventures of Ed and Lorraine; But their daughter Judy Warren (Mckenna Grace). Interesting as the plot might be this film was missing something. The aggressive nature of evil. Granted it had scars, screams, etc, a bit of a creepy factor as well. The missing link was the hell and nature of the occurrences inside the household.

Mary Ellen and Daniela really did nothing for me. Their performances were ok, not that I'm looking for blockbuster material, but have some sort of a standard guys, please. The actors ran, did scream, but didn't hit the mark. Although the little actress Judy (Mckenna Grace) did one hell of a job as per performance. She was convincing enough to scare you with every moment of emotion pouring out with her every scene. Unfortunately, the other girls were ok, you could tell by the acting, who was on top.

For me, the acting and scenes that they're in make or break the film. The way the actors convey the scene. Or even body motion, the language of the body is very important in the film. Judy, for example, holding the cross, while turning her head away because she was scared is amazing. The scare was there, it was her actions that did that particular scene right.

Meanwhile, the other two actresses ran around the house screaming like they've lost a puppy. It was ridiculous the way they handled themselves. Even after Daniela (Katie Sarife) gets supposedly possessed and yet a video of the Warren's happen to be holding a cross, and Blah! Blah! Blah! that takes care of the evil. I love that James Wan and Gary Dauberman had written the story, but this was kinda rushed. It felt empty.

Possession is real, and the way this film made it campy, almost B-movie like was a slap in the face to the late Ed and Lorraine Warren. The Demonologist that the Conjuring was based on. Conjuring one and two was refreshing, to say the least. But Annabelle Comes Home was like a side story. I know it was all about Judy, but even Judy couldn't hold the movie. The potential for being a great story was there but felt short.

My rating for Annabelle Comes Home is somewhat siding with the positive, but yet inside of me I can't really give it a higher rating because of what I saw as a film. Too bad, because this could've been something bigger than the other two films, and maybe start with Judy and her exploits as a paranormal investigator.

2 out of 5


Spider-Man: Far from Home

A school trip to Europe, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) still distraught over the death of his mentor Tony Stark. The young teenager must choose between once again saving the world or just being a kid on a school trip.

The engaging part of this film is the way Tom Holland reacts with the other actors in their parts on the screen. An example of this is Happy Hogan (John Favreau). Parker tries to put Happy into the picture, while Happy discloses, or tries to disclose the situation between him and his Aunt May ( Marisa Tomei). The scene was incredibly funny because of the way happy tried to move around him dating May. Acting like there wasn't an issue at all; Which made the scene amazingly funny. The atmosphere for the film was set. The second part to Spider-Man's story continues with a fun, engaging story that takes place somewhere else.

Never before has an actor been so wonderful as part of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. His emotion that he brings to the character makes it very watchable. Andrew Garfield, Tobey Maguire had their versions of the superhero. But something was definitely missing. Great actors as an adult superhero. Holland's version is engaging, funny, all true to the comic. The comic has a certain personality, which Holland nailed. Not saying the other actors didn't portray Spidey, Parker well, they just didn't nail it as Holland did.

Spider-man Far From Home is a very different film. It takes you to Europe, Peter just wants to be a teenager, which is understandable. Meanwhile, another hero emerges fighting a water elemental. He goes by the name of Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal). Unknown but later reveals himself to Peter Parker as Quentin Beck. Silently working with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), and Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders). Better known as S.H.E.I.L.D an organization created to protect Earth from alien invaders. Granted there is more to this organization than fighting aliens, but that is another story. A very long story. One that I hope Marvel Cinematic Universe can one day tell. But for now, let this story unfold.

Trying not to spill the beans on this well-written story, because let's face it reviewing a film without bringing out the plot is super hard. Either way, I'll try to stray from the major plot twist of the movie. Moving on Jake Gyllenhaal's character Mysterio was groundbreaking. I absolutely loved him playing this part. With that being said, this film as a whole would've been very different with another actor playing the iconic role. He was something more, his actions in the film were pretty awesome. The way he managed to fit with the story is all Gyllenhaal's acting. We all know that Mysterio is a villain comic wise. The issue I had was when the turn from good to bad would occur. The story was so good you kinda forgot about the villain thing and stuck to everything else. Parker and his friends, when will the kid get the girl Mary Jane ( Zendaya).

I guess that's why this film is so good. The focus isn't the bad guy or the end of the world event, but the main characters at hand. Parker trying to get over the death of his father figure, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). The sense and grief are hanging over you throughout the film. Spider-Man is hurting over the finger snap.

Avengers: End Game brought something emotionally difficult to the table and the end of phase 3 begins with the second installment, Spider-Man Far From Home. It is more than a hero fighting. It's fragments of emotion set in a teenage boy trying to get things right. A mangle of truth, heartache, love that can only be told be the wonderful writers of this film. The human level of a hero is brought to light. The love of his life MJ, Aunt May, and Happy Hogan, Tony Stark's death. Ultimately the reason for Peter to be alive is the selfless act of love by Tony Stark. I loved how this film saturated that theme throughout the story.

All in all this film doesn't it early on, and then some. It manages to play on your emotions. The innocence of the film is really what I liked the most. Parker missed Stark in a very big way. It was his Achilles heel throughout the film. But it was his strength as well. He needed to be a hero; A force to be reckoned with. Parker needed to be selfless like his mentor. Finding himself as I believe the theme in the story. So when you get the chance to check out this wonderful film; Hit me up and tell me your thoughts.

A big shoutout to my friend Ryley who gave me an idea on a rating system for my site. Here we go and enjoy.

5 out of 5 stars

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Godzilla: King of Monsters (2019)

The monsters from around the globe are awakened by Dr. Emma Russell (Vera Farmiga) with the help of Alan Jonah (Charles Dance) and his team of hired mercenaries.

A device called the Orca used to settle down large monsters now called Titans. The piece of technology is the heart and true connection to the monsters that roam about.

Godzilla has been made a multitude of times, and of those times there are only a few that rise above it all. Two come to mind, and it includes the most current, Godzilla: King of Monsters. The other film goes way back to 1984, Godzilla 1985. Raymond Burr stars as the hero of the film, at least he was back in 84.

Granted the films in 1984 weren't the best but it had substance, at least for me it did. The imagery back then was good, it managed to pull you in. The story was basic, the actors did what they could to make the story work, and believe me, it did. Raymond Burr was the bomb! Perry Mason man. He's old school, but it's what we had back in the day. It was directed by Koji Hashimoto and R. J. Kizer; Writers credit go to Hideichi Nagahara, Tony Randel, and story by Tomoyuki Tanaka. The story wasn't a huge blockbuster, but it was an amazing film to watch back in the day.

That being said let's talk about the new film, Godzilla: King of Monsters. The opening sequence was exciting. It was as if you're diving into a pool, head first. besides everyone knows that's the way you dive right? What if someone were to push you in. Or even laugh at you when before the big jump; Messing with your position, stance, whatever. Either way, the film put you right in the action. Especially when Mothra is first introduced, the Titian is not only beautiful but a cool monster. The effects are really amazing, I also love the battle between Mothra and Rodan which was a really good fight, both Monsters fought well.

Vera Farmiga did a really good job as her character archetype. She like any part this wonderful actress gets plays her part to perfection. The story arch which had a big reveal later in the film, I sorta revealed it the first part of my review or intro. My apologies to my fans; It went a bit off, sorry. Anyway, the story is focused on the central character, which is Dr. Emma Russell. She has that Orca device that controls, calms the Titans. A way of communication. Her daughter, Madison Russell played by (Millie Bobby Brown) is distraught about her dad, Dr. Mark Russell (Kyle Chandler). I like the way the family issue came in despite the problems happening in the world.

Godzilla: King of Monsters is not your typical film. It's a creature feature with a lot of monster action, old school way. The aircraft being taken out by the monster Rodan. The scenes were so good; jets flew by as Rodan flys towards them with amazing agility. Taking out one jet with his talons, the other with his beak. Then looping high, swooping behind the other jets. That scene itself was a huge reason why this film was so successful. The action flowed, I know I write about it many times, but the action also tells a story. It manages to compose a beautiful synergy that when it stops you feel content. If anything this film is one of the best Godzilla films to date. My thumb high up to the creators of this wonderful film. My suggestion, see the film and enjoy the monster rampage. Because if anything this film has it's just that, cool monster fights.

Dark Phoenix (2019)

After the X-men save the astronauts in space, a solar flare emerges and consumes Jean Grey (Sophie Turner). She passes out, her fellow X-men save her, bring her back to the Blackbird.

Shortly after she awakens Jean Grey begins to remember her past which was cloaked by Professor Xavier (James McAvoy). Her abilities begin to consume her as well. Quick to anger, which leads to uncontrolled aggressive stances that never ends well for anyone at the other end. Her anger runs deep within her. As she goes looking for answers, she finds only hate, depression, which turns into anger. The Dark Phoenix within her arises, her form will consume everyone.


The better part of this film is Hans Zimmer who composed the soundtrack. It was beautiful, dark, all about the descent of a major character.

A huge shout-out to the actors, they did their best in what was a sub-par at best screenplay. James McAvoy did an amazing job as always when he reprised his role as Professor Xavier. He could play anything; Hence his role as the iconic X-men leader, and mentor.

Michael Fassbender plays Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto the misunderstood mutant. In the movie, he played the part as he had always played the iconic character, neutral. He was always not very good as the most trusted mutant. This time around he leads his own team of young mutants. A force to be reckoned with; A unique band of misfits that would harbor anyone that seems unfit to the world. So yes I absolutely loved his scenes, because the actor did what he could do. Act his butt off in order to get the job done.

Even Peters (Quicksilver), Sophia Turner (Jean Grey), Jessica Chastain (Vox), Alexandra Shipp (Storm), Jennifer Lawrence (Raven), Nicholas Hoult (Hank), and Tye Sheridan (Cyclops).

The actors above did the best in what they had as per screenplay. So I named the main ones. Before I go into the Bad and then change to the Ugly. Let me say that the Dark Phoenix story is one of my favorite X-men tales, so if you don't like what I'm about to write, then don't read the review; Stop here and click out of the site. I'm very opinionated about my X-men, as I should be as a fan and a comic collector.


The scene started with Raven complaining about putting her team in danger. (LOL!) Her team. Since when is Raven the leader of the X-men. I thought it was Scott Summers, aka Cyclops. Guess that went out the door. Why? Even hire the actor for the spot if he's not going to have the proper source material. In the comics, all of them Scott is the leader of the X-men. Afterward Storm becomes lead as well; If the writer knew what the hell he was doing then just read the comic.

Raven went on and stated that the women of the team are always saving the teams asses. The team should be called X-women, not X-men. Really! I mean why? Because it was a political movement in that sentence. The film went from being a superhero film to a political rant. The X-men are a team of men and women that strive to save humanity from evil. The key here is men and women together, in unison. I could name female X-men characters that are iconic and unique.

Dazzler, Psylocke, Kitty Pride, Rogue to name some. These are wonderful characters in a dark world between humans and mutants.

That being said let me continue with my rant. Tye Sheridan (Cyclops) part of the film was pointless. He did nothing; At the beginning of the film he helps with the shuttle, afterward, he basically fought a bunch of alien space bad guys and that's pretty much it. Oh and he screamed Jean a couple of times in the end. He was just used in the action pieces, and it was pretty bad. The whole scenes with him were bad as can be, I mean why? Would you write a character in and use him so badly in the story.

Even Peters (Quicksilver) probably one of the most underwritten characters of all time. He as a whole should've been in the action, not just one to five minutes, but pretty much the entire film. Peter's acting alone is stellar, and the writer has him in the story in about 5 mins of screentime. Wait I'll give him ten. Quicksilver is Magneto's son and a pretty big deal was only in the film about 10 or less. If you have the power to make a great film with these actors, then write something good; Especially Even Peters.


In the nutshell, Jean Grey goes around the globe trying to find herself, and finally meeting Vuk (Jessica Chastain). The alien whose homeworld was destroyed by the Phoenix, so instead of finding an apartment or taking over the planet; Vuk wants world destruction. Really because fighting Apocalypse wasn't enough. This Vuk comes in and it's game on, world killer. She even brought her friends as well. Jean continues to become angry as the Hulk and Vuk convinces her to chill with good old Vuk.

Professor Xavier the founder of the School for the gifted. He is Jean Grey's mentor, a father. He took her in when her family decided to cast her aside as a young girl. Xavier also trained the X-men, in the comic the original team consisted of Iceman, Jean Grey, Beast, Cyclops, and Angel. Guess who the leader was? Cyclops will and always be the leader, period.

I went crazy when the story wrote out the most influential characters of them all; Charles Xavier. The treatment he got from the script was not only ridiculous but wrong. It wasn't his fault Jean went postal. It was her choice alone. He blocked those memories for a reason, and it was because of the pain she would carry with her for the rest of her life. Charles was like a father to her. Raven treated him horribly and the very end they put in Jean Grey name as the school head.

The film has so many SJW (Social, Justice, Warrior) it kinda ruined the movie for me. A superhero film should not be like this at all. The box office numbers show it guys. 32 million in the United States, and 136 million worldwide. A budget of about 200 million, and the reason it bombed why? The director, writer of the film Simon Kinberg did his own thing, and to be frank, it was horrible at best. I could say more but why bother pointing out bad scenes. Either way, guys don't see the film. If you do it's not my fault. If you like it, then it's your opinion.


Brightburn (2019)

Tori Breyer (Elizabeth Banks), and Kyle Breyer (David Denman) are just like any other parent. An American Dream, everything you could ever want. The only exception is the secret that only the Breyer's know.

Long ago, just before the birth of their son Brandon Breyer (Jackson Dunn). A meteorite had crashed on their property and like any concerned frightened person, they investigated the scene and what the Breyer's found was a ship, and a baby on board. The dream of raising a family had come true, the gods somewhere in space had answered Tori Breyer's prayers. Now she has little one she can call her own. On that night, little Brandon was born a Breyer. The ship was moved to the Barn, hidden from the public eye. Little Brandon Breyer the alien from space became a human boy, son to Kyle and Tori.

Brandon Breyer grew up like any other normal boy until puberty had hit. The real story and the truth about this young boy from space will be told from a very different perspective. Something evil had awakened little Brandon from his sleep. The ship, meteorite called to him. His true calling had begun.

The film is a very dark depiction of Superman's story. The ship from outer space crash lands, and as the story goes, the boy was raised by the Kent's, where the boy grows up becoming something bigger, and afterward finding out his true path, Superman.

In Brightburn Kansas the story of Brandon Breyer is much different. It comes from a horror aspect. The boy becomes evil, his path is set. He even has a costume. A dark looking, evil incarnate. Brandon simply goes around the town and causes havoc. The deaths in the film are pretty gory. In fact, Brandon's attacks are so vivid that it almost makes you cringe.

The film is a typical horror film, but the main difference is the hero part of it. The antagonist flys shows some form of super strength. The kicker here is the red blast from his eyes. Although it looks cool, you kinda have to remember that the kid is a real villain. Nice isn't on his list of things to do. All the actors did they're very best in what they got out of the writing which was done to perfection. Brian Gunn and Mark Gunn really made there mark here in this film. The good old Superhero becomes an evil alien from outer space. The plot, acting, even down the middle school which was filmed in the Netflix Original Stranger Things. Everything you see in the film feels, looks, like an old school town. Now add horror, gore, and hate as your main catalyst, making Brightburn a very good horror film; Even with the Superman similarities. Truth is this film scares on all levels. If you're interested in Brightburn my suggestion is simply to go check it out.

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

John Wick (Keanu Reeves) manages to evade the other assassins. He moves like a ghost to a new place of solace. The only hope he has, the ticket out of murder town, New York City.

Wick finds his way to a library, a certain book which holds a cross, and various things that are important to Wick. A crucifix necklace, a medallion 'marker', and a picture of his wife. He must locate the Director. She had been a mentor to Wick many years ago. The crucifix necklace is a safe passage to Casablanca, Morocco.

Meanwhile, the Adjudicator (Asia Kate Dillon) is behind Wick's previous locations. Finding everyone that has helped him evade his execution. Those include Winston (Ian McShane), and Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne).

Finally, the time has come to review the long-awaited John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum. This film for starters I've been waiting for it for a while now; Especially knowing that it's the finale of the Chapter. Like all big films, I will try not to give to much of the plot.

To some folks, I've been talking to about this film the only thing that bothered them was the constant action, no real stopping point. The plot was subpar. Sorry, guys I respectfully disagree. The action is there for a reason. It serves a purpose. John Wick was running away, trying to find a hideout. All of his contacts, resources, were depleted. The only hope he had was to get to the New York Library before the 20 minutes was up, and the hunt begins. The cross and medallion are the very things that will help him get out of town.

The plot to John Wick 3 is done well, mixed in with beautiful close up in personal action. Smoothly choreographed scenes that are placed in the story to perfection. It manages to put you in the action making it lifelike. The reality of the sequences grabs the audience watching Wick move, kick, shoot, run throughout the film. It tells the story, unlike any other action film.

Remember when those other films, without mentioning the titles. They usually have choppy action. The transition from one sequence to another is done badly. You could see the kick isn't dropped correctly or the jump just isn't there. The action isn't smooth; It's like watching a bad B movie. Low budget filming a best. John Wick 3 doesn't do that. It's beautiful all around, a film that tells a story through action sequences. After all guys, he's hunted by assassins from all around the world.

John Wick 3 serves as an end to the dynamic trilogy. The film continues with a deep understanding of the world of assassins. It's dynamic ends just right when it begins. The film goes from one extreme to another, it runs out and starts up again. Whatever you might think of this film, it's your right to either hate it or love it. For me, it's wonderful from the start to the very fitting end. Will we see John Wick again? Time will only tell, and can't forget the box office numbers thats an important factor as well. The movie is none stop, but it also has a point, and I don't mean the end of a gun. Wick 3 is without mercy, it's what it is, an action film with a story. Check it out, trust me you'll love it.