Arrow (2018)

The show began in 2012 five seasons ago. The series is currently on there six season. Pretty good ratings so far. Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) comes a long way. It started with the death of his father. A well-placed episode, leading up to the dramatics of why? and when. The events were strong, it brought Oliver to a remote Island where he had to survive on his own. Later he learned he wasn't on his own. 

The struggle from his past to the rich boy/man attitude was wonderfully transitioned. The concept of Arrow was born from a book. The very city he as the Green Arrow needed to protect but as his character throughout the sic seasons grew the viewer got a taste of what can happen to a man in the hood. Many deaths, especially his mother leading to a more rounded, fuller Green Arrow. 

Kate Cassidy (Laurel Lance, Black Canary), David Ramsey (John Diggle/Spartan), Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity Smoak/Overwatch). Any way to name some show people, here you go. The characters in Oliver's life that either made a difference or ended up on the bad side of the script. Imagine a team of people fighting crime, the good fight. But in between, you realize that the fight is off its rocker.  These guys constantly break the law in order to get the next bad guy or girl. I get that it's a comic show, but please have an episode where only the characters are somewhat in a party setting. Granted you have to have the next bad guy in so the parties are always cut short. Either way, the show overall is pretty good. It's just me complain about nothing. Well, it's something just me being me, I guess. Go and check out the very long series Arrow. It's almost like Dynasty but with superheroes.