Black Panther (2018)

The movie has its own identity. Throughout the movie, you really see Wakanda in its glory.  The focus is driven differently. The usual superhero pattern isn't used here. Instead, you get his story done right for a change. The story doesn't hold back. No other superheroes are present because the movie didn't need them. The story of T'challa / Black Panther is his alone. The concept didn't need other heroes. The story of how and why didn't need Captain America, It was fine the way progressed. Finally a hero film with true substance. 

T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman), Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) the main characters of the story. One a hero to his people the other with only one objective. Become King and destroy the evil that has erupted from beyond Wakonda. The main difference between the two is simply that one wanted to save his people. The other wanted to follow in his father's footsteps. That's not wrong, but it was the wrong reasons. Wakonda is a hidden city from the world. They don't play politics, nor do they have any interest in protecting the surrounding areas in that region. Sounds like Killmonger has a true disposition, he only wanted to see that his people were in the right place in modern times. But even though Killmonger had the right to believe he is the rightful King, and his way is the only way.  T'Challa knew that his cousin's strong emotional endeavors were all wrong. Killmonger had a new future, but was it the right one? Unfortunately, passion was fused with violence, war, aggression. The very things that T'Challa knew were wrong. His intentions were right on, but anger, hate, made him something different. 

The alien metal known as Vibranium, it was used carefully, and yet the story of the hidden city tells the audience that the metal is powerful, and Captain America's shield is of the same material. Had to throw that in there, not that it matters, but it's a geek thing. Anyway, the material is fused, produced, basically their way of life. It's in the weapons, clothes, everything.

The cast of this film was really good. The feel was perfect, it was as if you're there in the mysterious city of Wakanda. The fighting style choreographed to perfection. The tribes had their own unique colors to represent them. The Golden Tribe (royal tribe) uses black and purple which is the continental symbol for the sun in Africa. The Border Tribe has its inspiration for Lesotho architecture/language which uses blue and wood. The Rhino W'kabi (Daniel Kaluuya) used in the film were all inspirations as well. The River Tribe shells and green were almost a crocodile skin look. The mining Tribes were all lion themed in the film. And last but not least the Jabari Tribe. They wore the natural fur to represent the sacred gorilla.  All of these things made the film better than most hero films because the director paid attention to detail. Like the language of Wakanda. They spoke Xhosa dialect of South Africa which is the region from the outside. 

The sets down to the dialect, African fighting style made this movie more than a superhero film. It was a son following in his father's footsteps and realizes that even his own blood had murdered to protect the isolated city of Wakanda. That changed the boy into a man, who became King. The Black Panther isn't about saving people. It's about suffering, civil liberties that are tied down. A lifetime of isolation and its own corruption opened a can of worms for a boy who became Wakanda's greatest evil, Killmonger. His life leading up to him becoming the new King is worth the price of admission. The hate, fear, he felt in the film was really the core to Black Panther.

Do I recommend this movie? Hell yeah. Not going to rate it because you the viewer will have to decide for yourself. Not going to give it a " " rating. Movie ratings are just plain stupid. It's all up to the audience anyway, so please go buy a ticket and watch the superbly written Black Panther film. Oh, and Danai Gurira (Okoye) was a blast to see on film. We fans know she likes to hold an awesome weapon that cuts deep.