Rampage (2018)

The Atari action and adventure video game,  Brad Peyton's film Rampage. The new Dwayne Johnson film makes it's way to theaters with a very large cast of monsters. George the gorilla, and Ralph the wolf, and Lizzie the crocodile. 
In the game another character that was a rat which was Larry but it was more of a special appearance. The creature was in the first sequences of the film. The game version Larry was more of an addition than anything else. 

The story in the game was humans mutating to these creatures, a wolf, and so on. The film was very different, and it went sideways but seeing the mutated humans would be more of a full moon, wolf kinda thing. The thriller meets American Werewolf in London doesn't really work. If you want to scare your audience, then change the ratings, make it a horror film. 

Naomie Harris, Malin Akerman, Jeffery Dean Morgan, Joe Manganiello are also in the film. The characters in the film are perfect. Jeffery Dean Morgan plays Harvey Russell a Government agent. He's a Cowboy at heart and a cool character. Next up we have Joe Manganiello ( Burke) who pretty much is a bad ass. A mercenary for hire that is on the hunt for the creatures in the film. Malin Akerman (Claire Wyden) the CEO behind everything, and the female villain in the film.  Naomie Harris (Dr. Kate Caldwell) a former employee who knows about the company behind the growth of the animals rampaging throughout the city of Chicago. Dwayne Johnson (Rock) plays the Davis Okoye who pretty much is into his job. The Rock is a Primatologist that befriends a gorilla called George.

The mysterious pathogen has hit Earth, thanks to a downed shuttle from space which burned up into three pieces. The gorilla George, Ralph the wolf, and Lizzie the crocodile. Obviously, the film is loosely based on the Atari video game. The plot well, there really isn't one. The pathogen, a really bad CEO lady that wants the creatures to come to the top of the very tall building in Chicago, meanwhile destroying everything. Hence the name Rampage. As far as fun is concerned this film has it all. The Rock and the special effects all around are well done. I really like the film, it's a monster mash. That's all you really need. this video game movie adaption is well done, and Dwayne Johnson fits in. All in all, I recommend Rampage because it's fun, entertaining and it has the Rock.