Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

After the aftermath of Civil War, the Avengers have disbanded. Old memories of the past resurface. The stage is set, and the heroes of Earth must make something happen. 

 Thanos (Josh Brolin) the Titian has emerged and Earth has the two Infinity stones. His path leads him to the destruction of any being that stands in his way. Sending his acolytes to Earth to fetch the remaining stones giving the Titian ultimate power over the universal planes of reality. 

Infinity War is loosely based on the Infinity Gauntlet six-part limited series; Written by Jim Starlin, artwork by George Perez.  In the comic, the main characters of the story are Thanos, Silver Surfer, Nebula, and Adam Warlock. 

The beginning of the comic, Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos already has the six Infinity Gems. He has become a god, and now he must somehow convince Mistress Death of his undying love. 

Meanwhile back on Earth, Adam Warlock leads the remaining heroes to war against the Titan. The story was a huge success in the comic world that followed the story with The Infinity War and The Infinity Crusade. 

In the film version, the gems control aspects of the universe. Space, Time, Reality, Mind, Soul, and Power. Each making the one who holds it lose something of importance. Vision and Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), and Loki (Tom Hiddleston) have the Infinity Gems. 

First, off the film as a whole was done well, each character introduction was wonderful.  Black Panther to Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), and even Spider-Man (Tom Holland).  The film really did an awesome job balancing one character to another. I really like the way each of them had ample time, no long boring, drawn-out scenes.  As a whole, the Russo's strength is maintaining balance which gives each of their films life, and to me, that's what I love about these guys. 

The part of the film which should've been enriched, emboldened, not left alone or set it aside, is the story. As a whole, the film was about stopping Thanos from getting the Gems.  Pretty much that's it. It didn't have the flow of Winter Soldier or Civil War. To give them credit the brothers had emotion in the film between Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany). But instead of building on it they left it behind. Even the connection between Peter Parker and Tony Stark. It felt empty. Trust me I really wanted this movie to be something bigger, but It didn't deliver, and that is a disappointment. The scene with Scarlet Witch and Vision was strong, but it was missing something. It seemed rushed, forced. A comparison would be the film Logan. The relationship between Charles and Logan was build up. The relationship between Vision and Scarlet as well as Tony and Peter was forced, no build up. Sorry but those scenes didn't have any feeling at all. I wanted to badly, but there was none at all. 

I absolutely love the Russo brothers, but this story to me is one of the greatest Marvel Comic publications ever made. It's an end of the world kinda story. The film had some aspects but was missing the pivotal plot points that made the comic version so epic. The heroes had to really fight for their lives, each hero had their emotional ups and downs. In the film, the emotion was quick, let's move on. This story should be a trilogy, there is too much to point out, characters, planets, on a level which is very difficult to translate on film. To give the Russo's credit the film is entertaining and enjoyable. But it didn't have any soul. A human without the soul isn't a human at all. The emptiness will ultimately dissipate.  

Avengers: Infinity War is an enjoyable film, but it had so many missing links that I was very much disappointed.  Does it live up to the hype? Absolutely not. There is too much to this story that can't be done in two films. The first film was supposed to be a setup, and I felt it was just bland. Two huge events occurred in the film which I thought would turn it around, I will not spoil it but to me, it was rushed which killed the scene. The acolytes were awesome, I loved the way they handled themselves, and how Thanos ordered them to fetch the Gems on Earth. They could've been the saving grace of the film but the story just was all over the place. On Earth, other planets, everywhere. Instead of focusing on the importance of what the cost is getting those Gems, and using them. It takes something away. If you're human it would be humanity. Anger, hate, all those things. The core of the story was missing. The heroes needed to protect which they did, but they didn't see the bigger picture. Thanos is more than a bad guy. He is emotional, his darker side comes with a price. He would've never killed his own daughter, Thanos would've found another way. Tricking the trickster. He is the Joker without the jokes. He will make anyone believe he has human emotion. The Gamora scene was ok, but the Russo's missed the point. Taking the soul Gem would give him nightmares everlasting. His emotional state would've peaked to a higher level.   The missing link here is giving away a piece with every Gem he collects. A very difficult task to convey on film.

The audience which I was a part of was not amused at the ending of the film. You could feel the anger, or emotion that should've been in the film but instead was part of the audience, in disdain. I want to give this movie a wonderful, well balanced excellent review; But that would mean a lie. And as a critic, especially this site will not go there. The film was bland, empty. It wasn't the epic comic  back in 1991. A Marvel fanboy could tell me the film was epic, beautiful, etc. The film was loosely based on the comic. Hell, why? Even greenlight the film if you can't make it happen. Get mad at me fanboys; You know it's true. The movie disappointed you . The comic surpassed the film on so many levels. Sorry guys this film just didn't hold up to what the comic was, it didn't even make it to the starting lineup. The directors focused on the fighting instead of the Gems, and the true power that's in everyone of them. 

Another example would be the fight scene between some of the Guardians, Stark, Spidey, and Thanos. His mind was altered. They really should've pulled the gauntlet out. The Gems should've made Thanos a little crazy as well. With every use it should've been difficult for him to accomplish the task. He is powerful but the Gems are as well, and using them isn't as easy as the film translated. In fact the heroes would've beat him, instead the Russo's decided otherwise. Big mistake, because a hero film needs some victory, a balance that was missing in the film.


The main disappointment isn't the special effects or the characters, they're all good; What I don't understand is the story. Thanos's point of view was noted, his mission is going for the Gems. I guess what I didn't like is the heroes weren't heroes. It felt like I was playing a video game at a higher level. The boss on that level is strong but super cheap. That moment you want to throw the controller, well that's what I felt as the film progressed. In the comic Thanos wanted more than the Infinity Stones. He wanted to appease Death, he would do anything for her. The Gamora (Zoe Saldana) scenes, as well as the Guardians scenes, were good, I just didn't like how they dumbed down Thanos's motivations. His link was more, and that was so important to convey on film. I feel the Filmmakers missed a huge part of the Infinity Gem storyline, and that my friends are big issues. So many hated the ending where Thanos just sits. Let me explain something to you. The Gems are an aspect of the universe, which he has with him. You would sit and think about what just happened. 


Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) not changing was a dumb idea. Sorry but the green Hulk is powerful, very powerful. The anger should've caused a change. They made they Huk Intelligent in the Thor Ragnarok film, bad idea. Because in this film he turned into a coward. Don't care what story they used with the Hulk, that never happens. His strength is the Hulk. I would rather have the Hulk go rampage, instead of him not changing. One let down after another, it's ridiculous how powerful the Hulk is. Don't know why he didn't change, he should've been there. The Hulk was in the trailer, he was running with Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman), Captain America (Chris Evans), Bucky (Sebastian Stan), so why? Not just have him be the Hulk. Instead. Bruce Banner inside a machine, bad idea. Stupid. The Hulk would've changed, period.

There are so many issues with this film, I will not go into everyone of them. But I will say that the whole Hulk thing is a slap in the face to comic fans, and their creators. So why? not explain, even hint on why the green goliath didn't come out. Because he was beaten up by a very bad man. Ridiculous and stupid. The movie is a special effect monster, pretty much that's it. Sorry Marvel, Russo brothers but this film wasn't all that. In essence maybe the filmmakers wanted something more, but I believe the studio had altered their main plot points, ideas and went with this weak storyline. Avengers: Infinity War had great moments, but weren't enough to live up to the hype.