Frontier (2016)

Declan Harp (Jason Momoa), part Irish, part Native American has been in direct competition with the Hudson's Bay Company. The Fur trade is the score and its riches is up for grabs. Unfortunately, Lord Benton's new mission is to stomp out competitors that are not worthy of submission. Benton is the head of Hudson Bay, and thanks to Harp his profits are extremely low. Overseeing every move will have to be his best bet, or suffer the consequences. In order to move on and profits to rise, he must eliminate all in the way with their very lives.

The 1700-1800 the setting of this very well done series. It reminds me of Braveheart, Dances with Wolves, that sort of feel. The characters are very good. The story revolves around Declan Harp who used to work with the Hudson Bay Company. The dramatic situations I will leave out because it will spoil the story, sometimes spoiling is good, others not. Either way, there is some bad blood between the two characters. To me establishing the main character with surrounding characters that become a huge conflict is all part of the TV (Teleplay) process. 

Michael Smyth (Landon Liboiron) his story and the way his character evolved was amazing. So many reviewers didn't like how the historical part was over-imagined, creative license was used to the fullest. To me, it was not a big deal since nothing really happened to the extent of the way the show-runners had portrayed it. So they changed things, big deal. 

The movie reviewers want to talk about history, and the way it was conveyed on film. The rights and the wrong. What about Christ? That's right the son of God. It's ok to mess up a Christain film like Noah for starters. It's ok to depict Christ as something, alternative, different. Because of the morons in Hollywood that thinks it's ok but really isn't. The point here is the creative license, right?  Create what you know and tell the audience this film is loosely based on historical facts, period.  Then as a film-maker that gives the right to go crazy. But as a whole, in my opinion, the film will suffer because the history is altered, and when Hollywood does that kinda stuff it ends up sinking a ship. In the case of Frontier, the history here was different. The wardrobe wasn't on spec, and especially the Hudson Bay Company, a bit over dramatic. But it was still a good story, solid characters with ambitious aspirations which had brought them to a dead end. 

Frontier may not have been the greatest history series but it has good, solid characters that you as a viewer can love. Does it have problems, yes, can you enjoy the characters and there evolving with each episode, definitely yes.