Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) and Qi'ra (Emilia Clark) are on the shipbuilding world of Corellia. Both are on the run from the alien crimelord Proxima (Linda Hunt). 
The mission was to secure something of value, unfortunately, Solo didn't have what the crimelord had wanted, which brought on eminent failure. Shortly after a meeting with Proxima, Han and Q'ra run for their lives, stealing a hover skiff. 

Both characters end up separating, one goes to the Imperial Army to fight for the Imperial cause. While the other gets captured by Proxima's enforcers. 

Three years later on the planet Mimban. Solo is demoted to infantry because of some insubordination. 
The battle on the planet he meets Tobias Becket (Woody Harrelson) and his crew. Val (Thandie Newton),  Rio Durant (Jon Favreau). The two pose as Imperial Officers, but in reality, are working for the crime syndicate called the Crimson Dawn. 

For those fans who don't want the whole film spoiled, I won't continue out of respect. But I will confess the issues I had seen on film. 

Let's begin with one of the major issues with the film. The lack of connection. I wanted to yell when the characters, good guys did their thing, but I really couldn't because the scenes with them were very empty. Without going to any more spoilers, I'll just say that imagine if your loved one just died in a horrible way: Would you just forget about the death? The next scene that particular character was cool to go on with interacting, continuing forward. Let me just chime in here and say that it was ridiculously unrealistic and I hated every minute of it.  

Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover) was boring and his acting needed some serious intervention. The important moment of emotion when his droid L3-37 (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) was attacked by enforcers, and at that exact moment it was supposed to be interesting, heartfelt. Well, either it was the story, plot or whatever because the scene was horrible. No connection at all. In fact, the audience didn't either. Not a word or peep. 

The effects were good, but the main disappointment here was the lack of connection and the bad acting. Remember back in 1977 when Luke (Mark Hamill) and Ben Kenobi (Alec Guinness) walked in the cantina scene. The feeling of a fresh, new environment. A new place where aliens, strange things happen to any that dare enter. That fresh compelling moment was lost in translation. The scene with the aliens was very out of place, and it wasn't me complaining about this issue. The audience had a disdain for it as well. 

The film did have an adventure that was supposed to be exciting, entertaining, but yet it felt like it had a missing piece. Maybe it was the controversy before the film was even shot. The negative vibes will sometimes cause even the top films to take a mean hit. I really wanted to like this film but to respect Ron Howard he is a topnotch director. His direction wasn't the problem but the big producers at Disney that like to push the film, after film; Stop, please.

Star Wars should end after the closing chapter in 2019. Move on to other films and leave the franchise alone. The stories need to sit for awhile, have time to gather excitement again. Star Wars has been just another film kinda thing. The stories should be an adventure filled with many characters that are well rounded. The droid in the film L3 wasn't even funny, it tried to be but lacked in so many ways it' hard to keep track.

Qi'ra (Emilia Clarke) and Becket (Woody Harrelson) was the only characters that had some form of substance. Their backgrounds were pretty good but other than that the film isn't strong enough anyway so even if the characters were good, everything was lost before it had begun. 

Dryden Vos (Pauly Bettany) was an interesting villain; Unfortunately, it made no difference because of his placement in the film. He was a mysterious crimelord that they should've focused on but instead went the other way around. He was in the spotlight or about I'd say 10 Min of screentime. A good bad guy should be evil, cunning, smart but instead, we got just another guy who thinks his ability to lead was right on target, it was lacking in so many ways I felt sorry for the actor.

Solo: A Star Wars Story had so many things right but along the way, it fell apart. The film did have great moments but not enough to stay for 2hrs and 15 min. I love the director which is Ron Howard. He has done some really good movies in his very long career. The writers Lawrence Kasden and Jonathan Kasden I really admire for their past works which are truly amazing. So I'm very displeased at the story and with that being said without complaining anymore I'd say check it out and maybe you'll like it, but me it would have to be a big no. The Disney oversaturation of the franchise will be it's undoing. Big-wig corporate suits will make their bad calls and every year it will be yet another Star Wars movie.