Den of Thieves (2018)

Nick O'Brien (Gerard Butler), Gus Henderson (Mo McRae), Tony Zapata (Kaiwi Lyman), Murph Connors (Brian Van Holt), and Benny Magalon (Maurice Compte) are an elite unit with the LA County Sheriff's Dept. 

Meanwhile a band of thieves, professionals have their own agenda. Steal from the Federal Reserve Bank, but as the plans are in motion the guys must take out an armored truck and hope for no engagement. On location Ray Merrimen (Pablo Schreiber), Donnie Wilson (O'Shea Jackson), Enson Levoux (50 Cent), Bo Ostroman (Evan Jones) take the armored truck, kill the messenger, and driver, and the Law Enforcement Officers that arrive on the scene.  

The exchange of fire was brutal, each bullet smashing the windshield of the Police car, especially the incredible sound that came from the exchange. The realism made the scene intense, it managed to pull you in as the bullets sprayed. Not saying that the gruesome parts are the best, but it does depict the reality of the very dangerous situation. The team of thieves after stealing the armored truck, and going into hiding closed the deal for the group. The ultimate robbery of the century is about to happen. The Federal Reserve money that isn't tracked. A portion, 30,000,000 Million dollar portion that is separated from the serial counterpart. The guys have a limited amount of time to get in and out of the Reserve. 

During the film, Nick (Butler) and Merrimen (Pablo Schreiber) have this iconic scene together which is amazing. Nick goes to the same shooting range as Merrimen. He passes Merrimen with a cigarette in his mouth. Watching him all the way until he reaches his station. Both characters begin to shoot, afterward, Nick observes the situation, he then decides to go over to his station. I particularly love this scene because of the tense moments between both characters. The body language says it all here.  

Den of Thieves is a good action, a thriller that has it all. The moments with 50 Cent (Enson Levoux) meeting his daughter's boyfriend is funny.  The point was to create the innocence, even in bad people. They had given the bad guys something more than being bad. It was what moved this film forward. Do I recommend this film, you bet I do.