Supergirl (season 3)

Supergirl season #3 has been intriguing, to say the least. The new character is introduced, and what a character she is. Samantha Arias (Odette Annable) makes her way as the new girlfriend on the show. A single working mom bringing a new dynamic to the series. Ruby (Emma Tremblay) is Samantha's daughter giving the character substance, unlike other showrunners which are empty and out of place.

The main gist of the season is Samantha Arias which becomes Worldkiller, The beast, The Devil, Black Bird, and Blight. She has many names, but she is usually known as Reign. Her Kryptonian background has awakened the demon within her.  She has a mission to find Pestilence (Angela Zhou) and Purity (Krys Marshall) together they're the Trinity that will bring balance to the planet.  Meanwhile, Supergirl and friends must find a way to stop Reign and bring both of her acolytes to reasoning

The show so far has been pretty good. Characters have evolved, which is good seeing that this is the third season. The drag like a factor of the last season is gone, and as a fan of the show, it makes me very happy.