Cloak & Dagger (2018)

Tandy Bowen (Olivia Holt) is path is set when her father swerved out of an oncoming car's way. An unfortunate event turned the life of a young girl into complete hell. After the loss of her father, Tandy had her mom Melissa Bowen (Andrea Roth) to count on, but as per her path, this young girl found that life on the streets is much better than living with her drunk mom.

Her road had reached a dead end; beneath the water was a light, that light was a connection she had never felt as a little girl. It wasn't until later that Tandy's powers manifested. The power was drawn to another; Tyrone Johnson (Aubrey Joseph).

 The boy had a different life, one with an older brother. Caught in conflict, proving that he is something more to his brother. Tyrone had made a very bad choice which brought him in the deep water diving for his older brother's body. The darkness had caught up to Tyrone, the light had an effect bringing both children together, a connection that will grow later. Tyrone coming from wealth, while Tandy suffering from the demons that haunt her existence. The children, both suffered and somehow endured, they're time will come, light and darkness will come together and survive the cataclysms of life.

Cloak and Dagger has a teenager feel to it, which I don't mind at all. Reminds me of the New Mutants. Before the X-men became someone. Not an X-men series, but the series has elements that I really love; Like the way, they use their powers. The uniqueness of the abilities in action is done well. They don't go off into something huge, bigger than the story. Granted Cloak powers are extremely powerful; The showrunners don't go off the script. They stay pretty strong to the comic, which is great while toning the powers down making the realism of the story stronger than the comic. Personally, I like the changes they made. Tandy and Tyrone are switched. meaning Tandy is wealthy while Tyrone is on the streets. The show is different, and to some folks, it bothers them, to me not a big deal. It's minor and I'm just glad they decided to make this show. Cloak and Dagger in the comics were adults, in the show they're teenagers. not an issue. Just write some great stories and the show will take off.