Incredibles 2 (2018)

After the battle with the Underminer (John Ratzenberger) the city is in shambles. The heroes have caused too much damage throughout the city, and the time for the age of heroes has ended. The Cops protecting the peace have turned on the Incredible family. Now what is left of the hero residences have gone into hiding; Vigilantism is no longer accepted. 

A mysterious figure by the name of Winston Deavor (Bob Odenkirk) approached Elastgirl /Helen Parr (Holly Hunter) with a deal of a lifetime. Fight crime under his supervision and if things are done right, maybe the future of superheroes will be under a different light. 

Helen takes the offer while Bob Parr / Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) watches the kids/team. Violet Parr (Sarah Vowell), Dashiel Parr (Huck Milner), Jack-Jack Parr (Nicholas Bird), and the babysitter and best friend Lucius Best / Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson).

Meanwhile, a villain emerges by the name of Screenslaver (Bill Wise). His voice and the distorted image is viewed through the TV sets all over the city. Any media, electronic device, this mastermind has injected himself into the minds of the people. Every time the villain makes a broadcast, whoever looks at the monitor or TV set will experience control like no other. The mind and body are under the control of the Screenslaver.   

The animated extravaganza has been dormant since 2004. The wait is over, the classic story of the Incredible family has returned. This time around our heroes have new challenges, laughs, fun. The pleasure of making this film is noted, not just by the way of the actual voice actors, but the style and overall handling of the story. It took a long time, but thanks to the director, Mr. Brad Bird. He did it right, an effort most directors want for their film. 

My favorite part in the story is when little Jack-Jack has his own superhero fight. The notorious Racoon outside their backyard. The battle was amazing, it brought in so many laughs, what a delight it was to see both a baby and a Racoon fight. The imagination and pure excitement delivered that scene. 

I would love to see a live-action Incredible film. The actors would have to be picked carefully, with an intact special effects team that creates the Incredible world without looking like a cheap B-Movie. A fun idea, just me pouring out my love for films by making an animated film a live-action one. Sounds simple enough, but in Hollywood, nothing is simple just complicated as hell.   

Aside from the story, the ambiance was amazing. Bird delivered a story that tickled us in 2004. This time Bird looked at the audience as he watched everyone laugh. Sit tight and enjoy this gem of a film. It really deserves high marks. Enjoyable for anyone who has a love for the superhero stuff, maybe not an Avenger, but enough to get folks back in watching great films once again.