Lost In Space (2018)

The Jupiter space crafts are docked in a space station, humans must pass enduring tests in order to make the cut on the Jupiters.  As the weeks moved along so did the Space Colonization program.  Families would restart on another planet, Alpha Prime. The Earth has become a dangerous place to live in years to come. The Robinsons and other families were one of the groups that had passed all of the tests. 

Meanwhile, the space station is attacked by an alien sentient robot. Causing the Jupiters to take off prematurely making it difficult to maneuver the ships to safety. Some exploded, while others flew off the grid. The ships crash landed on an unknown planet. The hostile environment making difficult for the surviving colonists to endure. Lost in Space is a series on the events after the space station, and the planet they are on. Survival and quick thinking will be the stranglehold the Robinsons will have to overcome.

The series stars Molly Parker (Maureen Robinson), Toby Stephens (John Robinson), Maxwell Jenkins (Will Robinson), Tayler Russell (Judy Robinson), Mina Sundwall (Penny Robinson), Ignacio Serricchio (Don West), and the amazing Parker Posey (Dr. Smith).

My hand goes off to the showrunners, they did an amazing job recreating the show. There are really two main differences from the series in 65 and the 2018 version. First off Judy is adopted, and Dr. Smith is a female character. I don't have any issue what's so ever because let me start by saying, Parker Posey, as Dr. Smith was a great choice. She became a friend and a villain which to me was kinda hard to deal with. This gal is relentless. To compare the two Dr. Smiths I would have to say the 2018 version is better. I like Jonathan Harris (Dr. Smith) but Parker Posey's version is evil tenfold to the core. He doesn't come close to how she portrayed Smith.

Taylor Russell (Judy Robinson) does an outstanding job as her big sister role. Russell's acting is amazing, and to me did better than the original. Not that Marta Kristen from the 65 version was bad, it's different and yet the same. These two actors are truly amazing, but Taylor Russell is smart, tenacious, enough to deliver a picture-perfect Judy.  

The show is great but not perfect, for example, Will Robinson, played by Maxwell Jenkins. He did a wonderful job, but he isn't a Billy Mummy. Same goes for Penny Robinson. Mina Sundwall did a wonderful job, hit the character right on the nose. She captured Penny and that's it, right. Nope this series was a reimagined version and that's great but it was based on something beautiful, majestic, the show Lost in Space (1965). Remember back in the day the effects were very limited. Imagination and acting was the bar. I could go on talking about the lead actor and other supporting actors, but for now, I will only discuss certain aspects which I thought made the show rise above or fall into the abyss. Thank God the series had many grueling situations that kept you wanting more. At least for me, it did.