Strangers: Prey at Night

The film starts off in a quiet trailer park residence; In one of the trailers, an older lady awakens to the sound of music coming from her car. As she slides out of bed, slowly approaching the front doorway. A mysterious guest wearing a mask of a Doll (Emma Bellomy) is behind the elderly woman. She turns to see Dollface looking right at her.

Meanwhile, the elderly woman's husband is sound asleep. Little does he know that a stranger has his wife captive. Even more startling is another stranger has crossed that threshold into their trailer. She too has a mask. Pin-up Girl (Lea Enslin) slowly lies down next to the sleeping man; The scene fades to black...

Strangers: Prey at Night is just another horror/slasher film. Nope, not really. It sits inside of you pretty hard. The reason is simple, nobody likes to have someone break into their home. That concept alone is scary enough. The way these three monsters went about to disrupt a family from their retreat is beyond me. 

The way one of the characters were knifed to death by one of the strangers, was sick and something you never want to happen to you. The film has that effect on a person. Not the effects or the gore, but the attempt and the desire to hurt another person. The killers or strangers basically had enough gull to put on masks and kill innocent people. The background here is another film back in 2008 called the Strangers. Liv Tayler and Scott Speedman were the victims with the same concept. 

Bryan Bertino the director of the first film in 2008 had a stranger come to his door when he was a young man.  The mysterious man knocking on his door asked for a particular person. That person wasn't there, but the weird thing was the next day, homes in that particular neighborhood were broken into. So these films have something in common. Strangers wearing masks and eventually killing the people that they prey on. 

Cindy (Christina Hendricks) and Mike (Mike Henderson) play the parents in the film. Both characters have two children Kinsey (Bailee Madison) the bad seed, and Luke (Lewis Pullman) the overachiever. The characters are pretty simple background, which is good. In a film like this, you want to establish the plot not get into a long backstory that will kill the flow of the film. That being said, the flow was really good. It moved fast from one scene to another. Jumped right into the strangers getting their first kill. 

A film like this you know that someone is going to get killed, but the only thing that remains is how are they going to get killed. Sometimes in a horror film, you don't need to know why. I mean these characters are not an embodiment of evil. They haven't possessed anyone or their bodies aren't from hell. These folks are just bad people. They kill for the fun and enjoyment of it. Just like the director had this stranger lock into the homes in his neighborhood when he was young. The guy's motive was to do wrong, and that's all you really need in a horror film of this nature. The reality part is the attacks on privacy. That moment you think everything is ok until a stranger decides to crash the party or invade what you hold dear. That's the beauty of this film. It's all about crossing that line which the film did in 2008, and now in 2018. Both films crossed that line. That uncomfortable moment creeps up on you like a sharp pin slightly giving you goosebumps as you hear a sound that awakens your deep sleep. 

Strangers: Prey at Night isn't for just anyone. If you're a huge horror fanatic like myself, then this film is for you. The scary moments are the reality behind the film's premise. It's not a Jason or a Halloween film but it has it's moments to shine, and if you're the same as me then this film is for you. Try it out, watch it with the lights out. Completely in the dark, you'll see what I'm talking about.     

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