Supergirl Season 3 (Gun Control)

Episode 21 Not Kansas aired on June 4, 2018. With that being said let's dive right into the episode. The gist of the episode was Kara (Melissa Benoist) went to a distant planet to find remnants of a rock that could destroy the Word killer. 

Kara finds her mother, Alura Zor-El (Erica Durance) on the planet which has the rock, whatever they need to destroy the World Killer. Flashforward back on Earth, upon returning Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath) extracts the special rock's content which is the only thing that could separate Reign / Samantha (Odette Annable). Lena makes a quick serum and slides it in the direction of Supergirl. The girl of steel takes out Reign and injects her changing her back t Samantha.

Meanwhile, J'onn J'onzz (David Harewood) and his team are investigating a shooting that occurred on the streets. A random guy off the streets had a very powerful DEO style rifle. The Guardian (Mehcad Brooks) was on location to intercept the perpetrator before he kills the Officer with his newly equipped, high powered DEO rifle. The Guardian was there because Kara wanted to return to the planet with the new Krypton; And because her mother is alive by evading a major explosion. Even though her friends and family she knows and loves are on Earth, yet because she never knew her Mother, she decides to live happily ever after.  

J'Jonzz has a meeting with all his agents ( DEO ). He tells his people that they will be phasing out there weapons of lethal force. The safety of the DEO is the first priority. And the safety of this country. 

"The greatest strength in the universe lies not in war, but in peace. We are agents of peace." 

So let me guess by disarming the agency that would make a better world. So the theme, again instead of the superhero stuff is gun control. Three episodes till the season finally and they pull this ridiculous stunt. 

Let me ask the showrunners or the folks that make the show why? The Police, FBI, CIA, will never disarm themselves. In fact, if that situation would occur in reality the bad guys would be captured. Not having rifles or the equipment to handle the bad guys like MS-13 or the Cartels. How do you think these bad people are taken down. By the firearms that are law enforcement use on daily bases. Disarming would be foolish, and extremely stupid. Remember the shootout Law Enforcement was in more than a decade ago. The shooters had high powered rifles. So the Police went inside gun shops, took what they needed to even the odds. Disarming would've been worse than it actually was. 

Disarming a citizen would be futile to the life cycle of the people that actually only want peace, but also to protect themselves against anyone foreign or domestic. Disarming innocent citizens isn't the answer. I personally don't need Hollywood or a showrunner telling me what is right and wrong about guns. There is a time and a place for debate, but not in a superhero show.  I'm pretty much done watching Supergirl. The last draw here. 

Why can't they stick to the story? A bad dude had a rifle he stole from the gun manufacturer that sold the technology to the DEO which is a secret government agency. Leave it there. I don't care about your politics, why? Because this is a superhero show which doesn't need this political outline which killed the Reign storyline. I hope the CW cancels the show because frankly this show right now sucks.   Political themes should be done carefully, never one-sided. But yet this show has many political themes mixed in with the storyline. The only things politics really does is isolate, angers people, and kills the storyline that would've been an epic season finale.